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Hello and Howdy!

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Well here it goes, officially starting to blog, again! Excited to do this for myself, but also to do this for YOU. I'm a mom, a woman, a daughter, a wanderer of the world, a foodie, a curious spirit, a friend, believer of Christ, and a sister. Because truth is, we are more alike than we are different and there is probably something we can appreciate together. All souls are welcome here, this is a safe space.

As much as I can be composed, I've very much a silly spirit, often lost in my curious imagination and deep thoughts. Now, I am new to this blogging business. So I will not be perfect and never will be. Please, do not hold me to that high of a standard of perfection. Regardless of what curated images or how thrilled and giddy I may be at times. I am very much human. Very much like you with challenges on the daily, moments of grief, happy moments of success, and moments of gratitude. Giving my life my best every day, often wishing I could do more, be more, but also satisfied that I am blessed with each day I am granted on earth.

Thank you for joining me on this journey where ever you may be.

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