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My Wantable Experience!

I just wanted to share what my full experience has been with Wantable now that it’s been a few months. It’s unlike any shopping experience I’ve had so far, and is actually super affordable! And so fun!

Essentially you take a survey, share your preferences, and provide your measurements so that the stylist assigned to you can better know what items you might enjoy. You can also request certain items from their “Stream” so your picks can be taken into account. They send you typically 7 pieces to try that you can mix and match together. When you get your box you don’t fully know what you are going to get and that’s part of the fun of it. Kind of reminds me of the surprise of birthdays and Christmas! But you can order or subscribe how you like! There is no membership fees, just a $20 styling cost you can apply it to your order which can even be applied to help cover one item you love!

Also, they do a 20% off discount when you keep 5 items! Which can be easy to do since they provide you with so many options. However, you can keep as many as you like and send back what you don’t after you’ve tried on! You get about 5 days to try them on and can ask for an extension if needed. They provide the return packaging for you, as well as you can request a free pick up from USPS!

It has made shopping so fun and I’m able to add more variety to my closet. At this point they also have a few themes to their styled boxes (edits) which include Active (activewear and athleisure), Sleep (sleepwear and intimates), and Style (going out and at home style pieces). I’ve tried a few of their Active and Style Edits. As well as one Sleep Edit. I’ve truly loved the variety! PS they also have a Mens edit!

They get a lot of great name brands and clothes I see in boutiques! A few of my favorites have been Steve Madden, Thread & Supply, Spiritual Gangster, Free People Movement, Glyder, Strut This and their brand 78&Sunny. There is so much more too!

It really has been such a fun way to shop especially as a busy mom! I’m thankful I’ve been able to partner with them as well and purchase their clothes too! It’s a great gift idea for a loved one too!

I have a link here that always offers a great discount to start a box with them! I’m also happy to answer any question you may have but you can check out their site and the discount here to see more about what it’s about!

Happy Shopping! And thanks for reading!

P.S. These are all outfits from a recent Wantable box. I've also been thankful it's allowed me to network as well with wonderful bloggers/creators.

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