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The benefits, blessings, and cons of social media.

When I think of social media I focus on the good because I see opportunity, community, and connection. Thanks to Facebook that’s what connected Thomas and I to start dating, thanks to Instagram hashtags and networking Thomas landed a dream job where he works since that’s how they

found him, and currently I feel excited to get back into blogging and utilizing social media as a way to bring in income with coaching, nutrition consulting, and business collaborations. And what a blessing is that as a mom!

There are people bringing in a full time or part time income through social media and their own blogs, YouTube channel, podcast, etc. You just have to have passion and patience as it’s never an over night success. And to keep the momentum going because sometimes there is moments of burn out. I know I have felt burned out and wanting nothing to do with social media at some points.

You can truly find what you want on social media and avoid things you don’t want to.

I’ve met some incredible women and people on here actually. Back in the day I used to travel for work and was dabbling a little in photography, sharing my travels, and networking. And it allowed me to put myself out there.

Hashtags are awesome when your traveling or wanting to connect with a community of people with similar interests. Just look up #Houstonfood for example and you you’ll find all these great places to try in Houston or #christianblogger and you could find a lot of Christian believers for example.

I think it’s important we utilize social media in ways that help us grow, network, or build our community. Even our knowledge. You can find all the recipes, decor ideas, workouts, bargain finds, etc just by looking in the right place.

And how wonderful is it that we can keep in touch with friends world wide. Back in the day, 100-200 years ago you sometimes never knew if you’d see your family again after moving away. And now we can see each other daily thanks to modern technology. Social media is great for those life updates from many of those connections.

I see two sides of a coin on social media. The good and the bad aspects. And I do focus more on the good but I think it’s important we are aware of the negative. Sure there can be comparison and judgement like it happens in real life. And it’s important to let those go. To learn to be happy for others and get rid of jealousy too is powerful. To realize social media is a highlight reel for most so everyone is showing just the good of their life. There is photoshopped and filtered images. There is sadly bullying and that is never okay. To me I never understood how we tell kids it’s never okay to bully yet I see grown adults harassing each other or saying such hurtful things just because they don’t see eye to eye. Above all though, we have to remember social media is built to keep you on or coming back constantly so they can make money and do well. The algorithm is built to keep you on as long as possible so it’s important to take breaks from it, monitor your daily usage, and build meaningful relationships.

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