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Tori's Kitchen Holiday Gift Guide feauturing Caraway and other Favorite's!

The Holidays are already here, can you believe it? I can't believe it! I thought I'd dive into gift guides already this year and spotlight my favorite and most frequently used items specifically in the kitchen first! I'm often in the kitchen and I love it, I feel like it's the heart of my home. My home could be a disaster but as long as the kitchen is tidy, I feel like I can be at ease! We mainly eat meals home made. I'm also often baking now weekly and I started working with sourdough starter so I wanted to share my favorite sourdough starter and kit finds.

Caraway is my go to for kitchenware and bakeware!

My Holiday Caraway Discount Link :

Caraway would make a beautiful gift, especially when you buy them as a set or even separately! They will be used and they look amazing in the kitchen! I'm always using their pots and pans daily for baking or cooking! We love how they are non-toxic ceramic high quality cookware! After learning about how often things that we cook with can be leaking toxic chemicals into our foods from plastic or metal cookware, I knew I wanted to switch everything I could to Caraway, high quality stainless steel/wood, or glass in our kitchen!

Steel and plastic can still be safe but watch where you get them from and how they are made! Speaking of Steel...Caraway just came out with stainless steel cookware! They are beautiful!

You can't wrong with their beautiful ceramic bakeware or cookware sets too though! And they come in a variety of colors. I chose grey for the cookware and cream(with grey interior) for the bakeware set.

They have beautiful Black and Gold sets right now though and I have to say they are absolutely stunning! Another idea for a great gift especially with it being chilly is to gift their Tea Kettle! It makes a great solo gift. And if you'd like to treat someone extra special you could snag their storage containers as well!

I've had my cookware nearly two years and I take good care of them, they are still going strong! Peep my cute tea kettle on the stove in the above right picture!

You can't beat their holiday sale promo they share with their ambassadors too. My link will save you 20% off here

My other kitchen favorites right now that I use weekly if not daily, I would highly recommend in all kitchens. They would make great gifts to yourself or someone else!

  • A KitchenAid makes mixing breads, cookies, cakes, frosting, etc. so much easier! I highly recommend having one! Link for Kitchen Aid:

  • The Vegetable Chopper makes slicing veggies for sautéing/cooking easy! We love to use it for pico as well! There are so many things you can do! Link:

  • The glass oil Dispensers look so chic and also make cooking a breeze as they pour easily! Link:

  • We have loved our Electric Can Opener as well! It shocked me how easy it works to put it on the can and it does it by itself! Link:

As for cleaning, if you have hard wood floors, laminate, tile etc. Depending how it is, if vacuuming is easier than sweeping. Get yourself a wireless one! They make cleaning so easy! Plus steam mop after to clean (it just uses steam) with no solution/chemicals needed! We have loved keeping our downstairs tidy this way! If anything gift yourself that to save time! The steam mop works fast as well!

Shared the two we have on the right below and then a dream splurge vacuum from Dyson on the left. However, our white one (middle picture) works wonderfully well and is way more affordable!

Lastly, a fun idea for gift giving can be to start a new hobby or pick up a new skill.. and even do that with a friend as a gift to get together like learning how to make sourdough bread, make a round cake, etc.. then do it! I just recently started learning how to make sour dough and learned with a friend and was taught by a sister missionary (Sister Henderson) from my church how to make sourdough bread. It was so fun! The science behind it is fascinating to me! This is a new journey I will be undergoing! I found a couple great sourdough starter sets you can gift yourself or others! All you have to do is make your own sourdough starter, but it's much easier to get some from someone you know! A great way to connect!

Sour dough starter baking set (left)

Sour Dough Start Kit (right)

These are just my current favorites and I think all could make great gifts! You can't go wrong with the kitchen gadgets I shared above, cleaning appliances, and especially Caraway cookware! It's nice to have beautiful and non-toxic items in the home! A lot of the items I shared are currently on sale! Caraway especially during this holiday sale! Let me know if you try any of these? What is your favorite kitchen item now? Also, if you have any requests for other gift guides, let me know! Thank you for stopping by!


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