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My social media story... Am I an influencer?

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

To blog or not to blog? To disconnect or connect with the world. I've been having so many different emotions and feelings both ways and all in between lately.

Social media is a blessing but can also be a struggle.

Honestly, I love that we can be connected, learn from each other, grow, and communicate with each other on such powerful small devices. But sometimes the negativity, criticism, and time that goes into social media and being connected just overwhelms me. How often does the news promote good things happening? How often are we scrolling too long? How often are we seeing arguing on social media? How often do we feel the impact of the worlds problems hurting our heart? I feel like it can definitely take a toll on our mental health and emotional health.

Taking a step back and breaks as needed honestly can be the best thing for the soul in this realm. That's something I've been learning as of late. I have realized that the stimulation and desensitization can be a big problem. I worked so hard spending hours a day sometimes 4-6 hours a day, months ago to build my following, engaging, running giveaways, and getting to know others in the social media world to reach 10K followers on Instagram (it was the goal for creators/influencers to unlock the swipe up feature at the time and to start being taken more seriously with brands) just to feel burned out and like I never wanted to be on there again. And be in a limbo as my page evolved from travel, to curated shots, to fitness, to pregnancy, to mom life.. yet always with the goal to share positivity, wellness, and health.

However, I see an opportunity. I have made some incredible friends and relationships. I see other wonderful creators bringing 5-6 figure incomes from just their content, collaborations, and business endeavors. It's a whole world of opportunities. I don't feel like an "Influencer" but yet I feel like we all influence each other whether it be for the better or not. And I hope to be advocating for the better of things. I'd rather be positive, share goodness, and be able to provide useful information on wellness, travel, and positivity.

So you'll find me in the balance of it all or at least trying to balance it all. Telling you to not be on social media so much, to go enjoy your real life and relationships, but also thankful for the blessings and opportunities of social media and what it can provide.

So sure I hope to be an influence for good, a creator, and am now a blogger.

Tell me what your take is on social media? What do you like to see? What do you want to know?

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